• Makes the trade union voice heard in the Baltic Sea Region
  • Represents trade unions in various international bodies and working groups
  • Works as a forum where trade unions in the Baltic Sea Region exchange information and discuss and define common interests
  • Follows and examines political and social changes in the Baltic Sea Region
  • Proposes and puts forward joint initiatives
  • Formulates joint project applications
  • Promotes the capacity building of the trade unions
  • Organises events and conferences
  • Supports the free trade union movement in Belarus

Our vision

BASTUN adopted an Activity Plan for a five-year period (2021-2025) on 7 October 2020 

Our mission

BASTUN promotes social dialogue, collective bargaining, tripartite structures and cooperation and the social dimension as a part of economic development and growth. BASTUN strives to promote humane and equitable societies, social rights, decent working conditions and wages for all in the Baltic Sea Region.

Our values

We believe in fundamental principles and rights at work, cooperation, democracy, freedom, equality, solidarity and joint responsibility. Together we seek to develop social justice in the Baltic Sea Region.

Our tools

By coming together, organising and joining forces we make workers' voices heard. We facilitate and develop new initiatives, partnerships and international contacts. We influence political decision makers in the region, coordinate joint projects and raise issues related to the Baltic Sea Region within the international trade union family.