The Baltic Organising Academy BOA is a framework for unions from the Nordic and Baltic countries and from industry, transport and service sectors to work together. It is a program to develop organizing unions in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. The BOA stakeholders use their resources: staff, time, competence and money to joint action.

To establish a multisectoral and multinational program is already a measurable outcome. It shows that by working together, trade unions in the Baltic Sea Region can achieve tangible results . As more and more organizations have chosen to join BOA, the actors have had more resources to build infrastructure and capacity to practical organizing work in the field. This work is now ongoing.

BOA is an open program for unions willing to commit to building power and developing their organization.

BASTUN is closely following the work of  BOA by giving support and serving as a platform for discussion and exchange of information for trade union actors in the Baltic Sea Region.